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Easy and convenient solution to filter out Internet traffic. Once installed, the program lets you get rid of all fears regarding Internet safety of children. The program ensures that kids do not visit a porn website by accident, filters out and blocks web pages with forbidden words and restricts ICQ and email messages with such words. To ensure that children do not hang out on the Internet until late hours, you can specify the time when Internet access or ICQ chat is allowed. Or you can even set the time to allow access to a particular website. This feature is especially useful for restricting access to social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. TrafficWasher keeps a log file with records of all websites that have been visited by a child and web pages viewed. At the end of the day, the program can generate a report on Internet usage and send it to you by email. This allows you to keep track of the websites the child visits and ban access to unsuitable sites in the future. If you have more than one home computer connected to the local network, you'll probably like remote administration of the program. Sitting at your computer, you can change settings of the program installed on another computer, view statistics on Internet usage (if necessary), and disable Internet access in a hidden way. In addition to the parental control features, the program allows you to set time rules to run games, or block the launch of a particular game completely.

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